Witch’s Alphabet – The Language of Mysticism

Witch’s Alphabet – The Language of Mysticism


Witch's Alphabet

The Witch’s alphabet dates again to the 14th Century and is also called the Theban alphabet.  Additionally it has been known as the Honorian alphabet, Theban Script or the Runes of Honorius.  It’s precise origin is unknown neither is it’s authentic creator.  As it’s with all undocumented historic historical past, there may be controversy surrounding the Witch’s alphabet.  It’s largely been attributed to Honorius of Thebes, a Middle Age determine shrouded in a lot thriller that some think about his very existence to be a fantasy.  Many college students of the occult consider the Theban alphabet dates again a lot additional, to earlier than the eleventh Century.  That group claims it originated as an alchemical cipher with an Avestan affect.  Avestan is oldest preserved Indo-Aryan language and it’s carefully associated to Vedic Sanskrit.  But this counter-idea can also be undocumented and thus unprovable.

However, there may be proof to be gleaned from the form of the characters and corresponding curve patterns that outline Theban.  They present an unmistakable resemblance to characters discovered within the Avestan alphabet.  This alone doesn’t show a idea.  There are main variations similar to fewer characters and the inclusion in Theban of a logo to indicate the tip of a sentence.  Theban doesn’t have an higher or a decrease case, in order that image was important.  Another comparability has been made with Latin.  There is a one-to-one correspondence between letters of the Witch’s alphabet and Latin alphabets with the exception of the letters j and u.  Those two letters are represented by the letters for i and v.  The Theban alphabet has additionally been known as a runic alphabet but it surely’s clearly not.  Runes are characterised by straight traces and sharp edges, whereas the Theban alphabet is usually primarily based on arcs and curls.

Secrets Should Stay Secret

In historic occasions, the Theban alphabet was utilized by witches as a option to conceal magical writings and spells.  There is not any documentation, so there isn’t any agency date on when this observe first began.  There are accounts of many aged grimoires written within the Witch’s alphabet.  Yet, as a result of they’re shrouded in secrecy none can be found for the viewing public.  The secrets and techniques contained inside their sure pages will stay a secret, doubtless ceaselessly.  Today the Theban alphabet remains to be sparingly utilized in rituals to inscribe talisman and in spell books.  The letters are sometimes carved into candle wax, added to amulets, generally on items of sacred wooden, or written on stones.

Avestan Characters

The Sworn Book of Honorius

It’s price our time to assessment the The Sworn Book of Honorius (Liber Juratus Honorii Latin). It is the one of the oldest and most influential surviving Medieval grimoires in existence.  As talked about, it’s attributed to Honorius of Thebes.   The e-book is surrounded in thriller and its precise date of publication is unclear.  The earliest documented report dates again to 1347 the place it was referenced in a court docket case.  The oldest authentic manuscript is held within the British National Library and dates to the 14th Century.  What makes the e-book so alluring is the truth that its 93 chapters cowl such a variety of subjects. These embrace extremely controversial subjects associated to magic, demon summoning, and attainable descriptions of what heaven appears to be like like.  Modern occultists consider it’s a compilation by a gaggle of Medieval magicians who tried to mix all their data right into a single tome.  It is assessed as a Solomonic Grimoire as a result of heavy reliance on seals and angelic powers similar to those present in The Key of Solomon, one other nicely-identified work from the identical time interval.

Understanding Substitution Ciphers

In cryptography, substitution ciphers are fairly widespread.  A made-up alphabet or code, is related to models or letters of an current alphabet.  Each letter has a corresponding letter or image within the new language which could be substituted when creating any written works.   Those who perceive the key language translate the writings through the use of the important thing, which exhibits what corresponds to what.  Pagans throughout the traditional world used cipher languages to protect magickal writings, spells, and ritual directions from prying eyes.  Throughout historical past, proudly owning a Book of Shadows was harmful.  The Christian Church labored tirelessly to eradicate all of the traditional religions and practices, so writing in code was essential to keep away from persecution and probably torture and dying.  Even if the e-book was seized by spiritual zealots, the proprietor might argue on what was written inside.

The Theban Alphabet within the Modern Era

Paganism and the observe of witchcraft within the fashionable world remains to be a controversial subject, nevertheless it’s not shrouded in secrecy.  Modern-day witches are open and proud. Witchcraft has discovered its place in standard tradition.  It’s not a necessity to encode writing associated to the craft, so many practitioners don’t actually appear to give attention to it anymore.  Regardless, the script will ceaselessly be studied and critical historians will proceed to search for further clues in figuring out its true origin.

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