Working With Lilith for Love Attraction

Working With Lilith for Love Attraction

Lilith is a primal egregore of the dark anima. As a dark goddess, she brings her followers to the brink of self-greatness and serves as their information. She provides them star eyes to burn within the darkness and the energy to be fierce. She opens their internal bravery. Her vitality is seductive, impartial, and exquisite. In her demonized kind, Lilith is a daunting and threatening creature who personifies the actual sexual energy ladies train over males.  She represents female vitality.

Lilith is the angel of prostitution, and he or she encourages abortion, seduction, phantasm, and freedom. In paganism, she is a moon goddess and infrequently described as the female facet of Satan. She is sweet and dangerous and could be referred to as to do something. However, her specialty is in witchcraft and sexuality. In the Talmud, she is described as an evening demon with lengthy hair. Other sources describe her as somebody with black hair and red eyes. The animals that characterize her are snake, canine, and bull.

Are you in love with somebody who doesn’t love you in return? Do you need to seduce somebody into having intercourse with you? If sure, you can work with the goddess of seduction to attain your aim.

Working With Lilith for Love Attraction

Items Needed:

  • Red or white candle
  • Sterilized needle
  • A saucer
  • Two strawberries or apples.
  • The seal of Lilith.
  • An opulent coronary heart with the title of your goal written behind it.


  • Choose a cushty location the place you wouldn’t be disturbed.
  • Set up your ritual area and banish each undesirable vitality surrounding the world.

You can say:

In the title of Layil, mistress of the evening, of wrath and storms, I command all negativity to go away this place. By the facility of Layil, mistress of destruction and punishment, I ship again every little thing thrown at me, and I break the obstacles that forestall my magic. Profane and unclean spirits go away.

  • Place all of the ritual elements within the saucer and place the seal of Lilith in entrance of the saucer.
  • At this level, meditate in your intention. Visualize the one you love succumbing to your spell.
  • Call upon Lilith for help.

You can say:

Lilith, the holy angel of prostitution, hear me.

I invoke you, mom of rise up and seduction.

Look at me now along with your red eyes.

Ignite me with the fireplace of wishes and along with your lust.

Drown me within the lakes of ardour.

Put in my palms the apple of need, the pear of sweetness, and the peach of lust.

Now construct the carpet of lilies for my stroll.

Put in my physique the aroma of the rose, the burning of the pepper, and in my lips the honey.

Open the doorways of your world to me; convey me pleasure and achievements.

Give me the treasures of this land and let me be the temptation.

Hail Laylah.

  • Stare at Lilith seal and vibrate her title.
  • Start masturbating whereas meditating in your intention.
  • Visualize your goal touching, kissing, and caressing you.
  • Hold your orgasm so long as you’ll be able to, and whenever you lastly ejaculate, put the fluid in your mouth.
  • Spit it on the candle and begin rubbing the candle in a seductive method.
  • Visualize your wishes coming to actuality.
  • Light the candle and picture its flames energizing your aim.


In the title of Lilith, the spell begins.

By the facility of Lilith, [insert the name of the person] is mine.

I now change your thoughts.

Just as my coronary heart is yours, so is my need.

You love me; you might be drawn to me. In me, is your ardour and your coronary heart.

  • To make the spell extra highly effective, you’ll be able to pierce your finger and drip three drops of blood on the plush coronary heart.
  • Hold the plush coronary heart and conjure the spirit of your goal.
  • Repeat the next strains on their behalf.

I really like [insert your name].

I would like you, I need you, I would like you.

You are the explanation I get up daily.

Our love is bigger than ourselves.

                  Our love is what makes us one.

My coronary heart I give to you, and eternally, we will be collectively.




Allow the candle to burn out, then collect the spell remnants and bury them someplace. Keep the plush coronary heart with you. The above spell is good for males as a result of the semen ejaculated possesses the elixir of life. If you’re a girl, you should use a drop of blood to interchange the semen. It will work in the identical manner. The outcomes of this spell could be seen nearly instantly, so don’t fear about something. Just have religion and wait for the manifestation.

Source link . Rewritten article. Originally written by Drasmella Black

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