Zepar: Sharing love between men and women

“Zepar is a Great Duke of Hell. He commands 26 legions of inferior spirits. His office is to cause women to love men, and bring them together in love. He makes women barren. He is depicted with red clothes and armor, like a soldier.”


In my private deck of playing cards, I’ve given Zepar the two of Cups due to its affiliation with love and the demon’s main workplace. However to remain constant to the Occult Tarot deck, I’ll give him the Lovers tarot card. As at all times the objective of this thread is to pick one card for every day inspiration and steerage whereas anticipating that one in every of our beloved demons will attain out.zepar occult tarot

The Lovers tarot card belongs to the Major Arcana deck – it’s the sixth card inside this deck. When it seems upright it’s often interpreted as love, concord, decisions, relationships, or the alignment of values. When it’s reversed nevertheless it often means imbalance, self-love, disharmony, or misalignment of values.

The Lovers tarot card reveals a unadorned man and lady standing beside one another. The angel Raphael seems to be on from above in a fashion akin to blessing their union. The couple stands inside a lush grassland maybe implying fertility. There is a tall apple tree behind the lady with a snake coiled across the trunk.

The atmosphere which is obvious right here is harking back to the biblical Garden of Eden. The snake reveals the temptations which sensual needs impart on human beings to the purpose that they veer from the divine. There is a burning tree behind the person exhibiting that his focus is on ardour as seen in him gazing in the direction of the lady.

There are twelve flames within the burning tree representing the indicators of the zodiac and time. This is a logo of time and eternity seeing as time is often measured as much as the quantity twelve. The necessary position which period performs within the lifetime of any human being is additional enhanced by the looks of the angel Raphael.

The man gazes on the lady who in flip seems to be upward on the angel Raphael. The implication right here is that there’s a path main from bodily needs to extra religious considerations – the human is able to attending to acutely aware, unconscious, and superconscious wants. There is a volcanic mountain within the background whose phallic look represents the eruption of ardour.


The Demon

Zepar is a fallen angel who was summoned and trapped in a brass vessel by King Solomon within the days of antiquity. The demon ranks as a Great Duke throughout the hellish realm. He is listed because the 16th of the 72 demons throughout the Ars Goetia. He has dominion over 26 legions of lesser demons that perform his each command.

As a demon, there may be little data relating to the background of Zepar. The demon is nevertheless talked about in main grimoires such because the Dictionnaire Infernal, the Pseudomonarchia Daemonum, and the Ars Goetia. Nevertheless, the data contained inside these books relating to Zepar is scant at greatest.

The workplaces of this demon contain making women fall in love with men. He can also be able to making women barren if he so needs. Some accounts report that he’s capable of remodel women into extra fascinating shapes for his or her lovers. Not a lot else is thought relating to the demon as in step with the mysterious nature of those spirits.

Zepar often seems carrying red garments and bearing arms. He wears armor that’s akin to that of a soldier. There is nothing monstrous about his look. There aren’t any mentions of whether or not he is ready to abandon this look to turn into much less unnerving to the conjurer. There are accounts which state that he has an ambiguous look.

Other notable details relating to this demon are that he’s described as being male – it’s price noting that these demons can not at all times be conclusively gendered. His placement as being male is subsequently necessary as a result of he is likely one of the few demons whose gender is thought. There are a number of different demons with androgynous attributes.

Note – there aren’t any mentions of whether or not this demon is sweet, unhealthy, or detached in the direction of human beings. Perhaps, that is trigger for concern for any inexperienced conjurers who could try and summon him for pathworking.


The Message

Should I anticipate new beginnings? Is there disharmony in my life?

I imagine that Zepar is a demon who can show very helpful to the conjurer. One of the issues that individuals battle with is love. Therefore, a spirit who’s able to bringing love to an individual’s life implies that the conjurer has overcome this problem. He subsequently varieties a bridge to any particular person’s happiness.

He nevertheless makes it unimaginable for women who fall in love on this solution to bear the youngsters of the person who summoned him. He is described as a harmful entity that ought to ideally be left alone by the faint of coronary heart. Zepar can nevertheless show helpful to the person who is simply searching for sexual favors from women with out aspiring to have any attachments.

If the tarot studying was upright, I’ll instantly start to anticipate that new relationships can happen within the close to future. The implication right here is that the topic of the studying will presumably meet somebody new and spark a romance. Alternatively, it will probably suggest that there’s an alignment of values that can happen between two folks inflicting them to forge a relationship.

If the tarot studying was reversed, I’ll take a extra cautious strategy. This is as a result of the reversed studying is often interpreted to imply the prevalence of disharmony. Therefore, I often think about that the that means right here is that there’s turbulence to be anticipated within the close to future. Being cautious subsequently helps in avoiding battle which might come up from misalignment of values.


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